Wild Turmeric and Vetiver: Nature’s Beauty Secrets

Wild Turmeric and Vetiver: Nature’s Beauty Secrets

Vetiver and Wild Turmeric for your skin 

If you’re seeking pure and holistic, then there’s nothing like Vetiver and Wild Turmeric. Both of these powerful ingredients have quite a lot to offer for your skin and body care, and they should be among the top list in your daily natural beauty regime.

Vetiver benefits

Vetiver, is calming and grounding. It comes from the roots of Vetiver grass, which is grown all over the world but mainly in tropical regions. With its strong aroma, and its therapeutic grounding benefits, it is perfect for use in perfumes, massage oils, and other body products.

Wild Turmeric benefits

Wild turmeric, on the other hand, is a type of rhizome commonly found in the forests of South Asia. It does have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and has been recommended in Ayurvedic scriptures for a long time to keep skin hygienic with an increased glow on the face.

Combining vetiver and wild turmeric happens often in Ayurveda, their complementary advantages help enhance the texture, firmness, and overall appearance of the skin. They also help reduce stress, enhance the immune system, and improve mental clarity. This makes them powerful allies within any health and beauty regimen geared towards overall optimum health.

Chemical free skincare

However, many people still tamper with chemical-based skincare products that are often more harmful than useful. At Ubtano, we use the world’s most advanced active plant-based ingredients powered by nature. That is why we make use of these herbs in our all-natural products—solely for you to feel the power of these herbs for yourself.

Ultimately, one has to accept the fact that vetiver and wild turmeric are potent Ayurvedic herbs with an age-old history in health and beauty.

Best daily skincare routine just for you

If you want to know the best natural substances for your type of skin or any specific problems related to the skin, then go ahead and follow the link below. Embrace nature and find out how ingredients in Ayurveda will give your skin an extra glow of health. Your skin will definitely thank you!

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